Wood Signs: Sandblasted, Carved and Routed Wood Signs

The Process 

After you place your order, we create a couple of designs. We want to make sure that the one you choose is perfect and represents you. Once we get your approval, production can begin. Once approval is received, a mask is cut to apply to the wood. Each piece of wood is carefully chosen and matched to show off the natural growth and beauty.

 The wood is then sandblasted. This is a process where sand carves the background away and leaves the raised design that you have chosen. The mask of your design can now be removed and the custom process of matching paint colours can begin. 

We select suitable types of paint for the environment of the sign. Then the actual hand-painting of the sign. A coat of primer is applied, then the background and finally the colours build up until the final design emerges.

 Each colour is hand-painted with a brush. Automated painters or rollers would not get into the wood to get beautiful results. The gradients must be hand mixed, blended and applied with an artist’s eye. The final result is a sign we can be proud to deliver and you will be proud to display. A sandblasted sign takes anywhere from four to six weeks to complete. Signs can be sandblasted on one side or on both sides. If you want even more dimension, you can add extra pieces mounted onto the face.

 A sandblasted sign is an investment that will last a lifetime.

Samples of some of our sandblasted signs are located in our Gallery!

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