Concept Signs & Marketing is happy to announce our distribution of Nexus® wayfinding/directory signs. These high quality signs are modular and allow you to update old information with new information by simply “snapping” the section out and replacing it. If you need to the flexibility to change text, personnel or tenants, this is the system for you!

The System

When you order the Nexus Directory System you will receive the following:

  • A base plate which accepts any Nexus faceplates, inserts or sliders.
  • A back plate which holds multiple base plates together.
  • The splines which "snap" the faceplates, inserts or sliders to the base place.
  • The face plates which are the front pieces showing your information.
  • The rails or frames, which go around the base plate and finishes off the sign.

You also get a tool to allow you to "snap" off any faceplate, make changes. Once your changes are complete, you simply return the faceplate to its position. This makes this system a combination of a permanent and high quality metal system which also allows you the flexibility of making changes.  

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 The Gryph Group head office is located in Dundalk, Ontario. It is the home of the popular Premier Convex Sign System among other product lines catering to the sign industry.