Site Signs and Screen Printing

These are signs for outdoor or indoor use, can be made on a budget and in large or small quantities. This is a very effective way to advertise your business, your product, sell your property or run for election.

Key Benefits

  • Be recognized for your work by putting out an advertisement right on your sites.
  • Advertise products, real estate or run for office with these inexpensive signs.
  • Can be used at re-occurring events by updating only certain information, not the entire sign.
  • Are lightweight and can be easily transported to sites, shows, etc.
  • Are intended for temporary display, but are durable enough that they can be used over and over again.

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Gallery of Samples

Site signs come in all sizes, however there are some standard sizes which we can recommend if you want blend in with the other companies. Concept Signs can advise you on the type of sign, colours and the process of printing versus vinyl graphics in order to suit your budget. Here are some samples of signs we have done in the past...let us add you to our growing list!


Site Signs


Are you running for office? Do you have a temporary location? These signs can be updated. For example, if you have an annual event, you may just need the dates or sponsors changed each year and the rest of the sign can be left alone.

Site Signs can be a single colour put onto a white background or onto a colour background. This is a lower cost option and is just as effective or noticeable for people passing your site.

You may need to have a series of several signs to give you the effect you need. You may need to direct people to different locations within a site or your company may do many different types of jobs and you want to post specific signs outside certain job sites. We can accommodate any series of signs.

Site signs don't have to be made with coroplast which has a certain life span, especially because they are exposed to all kinds of weather. They can be done on plywood, metal, or other material to make them more durable and long lasting.

There are many types of substrates that the sign industry uses for long-lasting signs, just let us know what you expect from your sign and how long you need it to last. We would be happy to suggest a product to suit both the application and your budget.