Sign Installations, Repairs & Maintenance

Concept Signs is an experienced sign company with a team of experts helping us with installations, repairs and maintenance.

Key Benefits

  • We have been in the Owen Sound market for over 25 years and have business relationships with high-quality contractors and sub-contractors.
  • Concept Signs can co-ordinate the installation of the sign, including permits and locates, landscaping, and deilivery of the signs.
  • Also, we will take care of all the details by being your "one-stop-shop".

Creative Copywriting

Concept Signs is not only a sign shop.  We can help you with your advertising, brochures, web presence and other areas of marketing which require copywriting.  We can also take care of the layouts and printing.

Brand Identification

We can handle your brand identification needs, whether that is designing a trade-show booth, an advertising campaign in print or other media, or helping you produce a web presence.  We are not just a sign shop.

Logo Design

We have creative talent on staff.  We can design your logo to represent you, your business, your product, or your location.  When you think of the check mark, you think of Nike, when you think of the golden archs, you think of McDonalds.  Let us come up with a unique and memorable representation of you.

Facade Design

Concept Signs and Marketing has had almost 25 years of experience in designing storefronts and building facades.  We can help you with your main sign, window vinyl, A-frame sidewalk signs/menus, paint colours and make sure you are within all municipal guidelines and by-laws.  Give us a call and we can give your building a face-lift.

For more information on the services we provide please contact us!