Architectural Letters

Concept Signs & Marketing is pleased to distribute dimensional letters, logos and plaques made by Gemini Canada Ltd.  Concept can help you choose the best Gemini product for your location and use.  Just because lettering is functional doesn't mean it can't look great.

Key Benefits

  1. Outdoor lettering gives your business a presence on the street, makes it easy for people to find you, and advertises for you without extra cost beyond installation and maintenance.
  2. Plastic letters offer the greatest variety of dimensional plastic letters available today–from traditional to ornamental and script.
  3. Metal is as timeless as our need to communicate with words in creating signs.
  4. Metal plaques are permanent make a lasting impression.

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Cut Metal

Anodizing is an electro-chemical process that hardens aluminum & allows it to be colourized.

Sheet metal is purchased by the truckload, so you get the lowest possible price.

The best looking letters in the industry

Regionalized manufacturing facilities for quick delivery



Metal Plaques

A metal plaque will elegantly and permanently:

Recognize an individual
Capture a historic footnote
Dedicate a building 



Cast Metal

Uses mercury and lead free prime ingot

Are finished by experienced craftsmen eliminating all surface pits and blemishes 

Are made to your specifications, and in most cases shipped within 8 business days

Create no additional scrap, as Gemini recycles all excess material